The Stand GT announce a one-off show at Ottawa Explosion, June 12th 2014

The good folks at Ottawa Explosion asked us and we said yes.

Since we’re big fans of OXW and their DIY spirit, we’re excited to announce we’ll be joining their colossal indie rock party this year…marking our first show since October 2001.

The Stand GT
The Stand GT – Photo by Shawn Scallen

The Stand GT
Live in Winnipeg – Photo by Jon Schledewitz

For those who don’t know, The Stand GT was born out of and thrived on the same DIY, community ethic that is reflected in the values of the OXW. From our relationships with Montreal labels like OG Music and En Guard to Vancouver’s Mint, the pre-internet, indie rock days were all about community first.

This is the main reason we’ve chosen OXW as the venue to get back together, share a few laughs, drink a few beers and crank out some of the old songs.

We’re looking forward to it. Hope to see you there.

To celebrate in the coming weeks leading up to OXW, we’ll be announcing a few more surprises. Check back here, or on our Facebook page, or follow Chris on Twitter for more details.


The Stand GT have a storied underground history. The band’s legacy is etched into the wood bar railings throughout North America, their numerous record releases on many record labels are lovingly tucked into record collections throughout the world. In the pre-internet, pre-cell phone DIY indie rock world, the band held a solid, hard-touring road warrior reputation.

The Stand GT’s humble beginnings started in an abandoned chicken coop in rural eastern Ontario in the late 80s. Their first taste of wax came when they snuck a track onto the legendary “It Came From Canada series, Vol. 5″ on the iconic OG Records. It was at one of their famous ‘Voodoo BBQs’ where the band met Ripcordz leader Paul Gott and it wasn’t long before The Stand GT began cranking out 7s for his thriving Montreal label, En Guard Records….more >>


Classic jam: Away From Your Sway

Into Facebook? The Stand GT page is here for your unadulterated love and liking.

The Stand GT
For those who are computer literate, this is where the term ‘cut and paste’ comes from.

The Stand GT
The Stand GT live at the Princess Theatre, Sault St. Marie, Ontario

The Stand GT
Backs against the wall, early: Inside the infamous ‘Stand Chicken Coop’. Photo by Stephanie Carpenter

Ottawa Explosion Weekend (#OXW) goes down in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from June 12th to the 15th.
Follow the OXW web site here for all the details, including last minute show announcements.

Join the OXW Facebook event for updates here.

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