The Stand GT

Photo by Shawn Scallen

The Stand GT live at El Corazon / Funhouse, Seattle, January 12, 2019


The Stand GT have a storied underground history. 

The band’s legacy is documented by their numerous releases which are lovingly tucked into record collections throughout the world. In the pre-internet, pre-cell phone indie music world of the mid-90s, the band held a hard-touring, road warrior reputation and released records on labels from Germany to Australia to the USA.  

Their humble beginnings started in an abandoned chicken coop at Curry Hill in the late 1980s. Their first cassette compilation appearance was on London's legendary What Wave and their first appearance on vinyl came when they contributed a track onto the iconic It Came From Canada series (Vol. 5) on OG Records out of Montreal. It was at one of OG's infamous Voodoo BBQ shows where the band met Ripcordz leader Paul Gott and it wasn’t long before The Stand GT began cranking out records for his influential Montreal label, En Guard Records.

Photo by Andrew Carver. The Stand GT at Irene's in Ottawa in 2017.

In 1992, The Stand released perhaps its most celebrated release on En Guard, the blistering, power-pop ‘Blur Your Cool‘. That EP became a calling card of sorts that catapulted the band well out of their hometown and onto the international stage.

While relentlessly touring, the band traveled to Seattle in 1994 to record their first full album at EGG Studios with guitar-rock-hero, Mr. Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks and Young Fresh Fellows. That year, ‘They’re Magically Delicious’ was released in the US on Top Drawer and in Spain on Munster Records.

Soon after, another celebrated record followed and ‘Apocalypse Cow’ came out on Lance Rock records in Canada and on Get Hip in the US. Many cite this powerhouse LP, which was recorded in Montreal with Rod Shearer, as their absolute favourite in the discography.