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New song: Way Out On Your Wavelength 

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My latest single is called 'Way Out On Your Wavelength' so I thought I'd strum a live version for the ongoing 'Isolation Sessions' series.

The cute factor of the 'audience of one' is just bonus material. ;)

You can stream/download the studio version on Bandcamp here:

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Cheers everyone. Keep safe!

Summer is ready when you are 

At some point this winter I was sitting in my studio, pining for summer when the line 'summer is ready when you are' started looping in my head. 

I decided to cover The Breeders song Saints as a sort of personal therapeutic exercise, 'live off the floor', if you will. The snow was swirling outside and I was riding out the time warp we're all currently living in. 

I had no intention of releasing this. But with Bandcamp announcing all their proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund today (Friday June 18), and with National Indigineous Peoples Day on June 21, I decided I would, and any money I raised for this cover song will go to the "Indian Residential Schools Survivors Society" here in Canada. 

You can find out more about this organization and also donate directly here:

And if you purchase this cover song here on Bandcamp, I will donate the funds directly myself. 

Keep safe, everyone. And I hope we can see each other out there in real life soon.

And, of course, the magnificent Breeders version:

Isolation sessions: A Love Song For Some 

The studio version of my newest single 'A Love Song For Some' was uploaded to Bandcamp last week, and here's a 'live' acoustic version.

You can also find it on your fave streaming platforms like Spotify.

Keep safe and hang in there, everyone. 

Brighter days are just ahead. 

#originalsongs #indiemusic #acoustic #isolationsessions #GLG

Isolation sessions: Hello, Danger Bay 

Sending positive vibes to everyone out there, and a huge thanks to all the front line workers keeping our communities safe during this relentless pandemic.

This one is a request from my brother Leigh who is out there on the front lines, like I know many of you are. 

Hello, Danger Bay is a song I wrote for The Stand GT, but it also appeared on my solo LP "A Date With A Smoke Machine". 

The Stand GT version is here:

My solo recording of it is here:

Take care, keep safe, keep strong. 

#acousticsongs #isolationsessions #originalsongs #americana #folkpunk #garagerock #punk #gibsonguitars #singersongwriter

Bandcamp Friday new song(s) 

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're all doing well and hanging in there.  

I'm hoping to keep sending some positivity out into the world from here in my isolated little corner.  

And in the meantime, Bandcamp Friday means more new music, so here's my new song called "A Love Song For Some".  

I also collabed on a sweet track my friend Susan O wrote and released this week.

Be sure to check that one's a gorgeous little number:

Thanks for stopping by and having a listen. And keep safe everyone.

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