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Expanda Fuzz covers the Ramones 

Expanda Fuzz have a new song out today as part of 'Bop Til You Drop - The Ramones Project Vol 3'. We cover the incredible Locket Love. 

I remember hearing this song for the first time. I was a teenager, just getting into indie/alt music and was heavily into Montreal's The Gruesomes. I was record shopping in Montreal and spotted Rocket To Russia. I loved that the band on the cover looked so cool and had haircuts like The Gruesomes. "This must be good", my teenage brain whirred. 

When I got home and dropped the needle, my mind was blown, like most who heard the Ramones for the first time. Though song #4 on that album, Locket Love is the one I remember first hitting me hard. And of course Sheena was about a minute and a half away from cementing my Ramones loyalty for life. 

I'm proud of this cover song, done in true Expanda Fuzz style. And as always it's 100% DIY: we recorded, mixed and mastered it at our home studio, The Las Vanier Haus of Fuzz. 

Have a listen to the entire thing and discover some new indie bands here as well: 

And of course you can remind yourself of how good the original is:

My Turn at the Wheel: Two versions of a new song for Bandcamp Friday  

My Saturday night/Sunday morning series returns with two versions of a brand new song, My Turn at the Wheel

Written sometime in 2021, the Sunday morning version started as an acoustic demo during the winter of that year. 

With Bandcamp Friday on the horizon here in August of 2022, I fired it up, finished it off and tracked the Saturday night version over a couple of days in August.

So there's a healthy brew of winter/summer solsticeness in these as well.

Hit me up as I'd be curious to hear which one you prefer.


Also, for all you Expanda Fuzz followers, we're releasing a Ramones cover on September 9th. 

That's right...Efuzz doing a Ramones song! A match made in heaven, right? 

Since we're huge Ramones fans (who isn't??) we enjoyed digging deep to take on a track we love. 

It's part of a Ramones covers project releasing that day, so more info coming here on the 9th.

Song #6 from the new LP: In The Terminal 

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases to all streaming platforms on May 31st. Hear it now on Bandcamp here.

Another song from my new album strummed for you today from over here in Las Vanier.

"In The Terminal" is a bit of a road trip song and is song #6 from "Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head" which you can buy/stream/download now from Bandcamp.

The album releases to all other streaming platforms on May 31st.

Enjoy! 🤘😎


Your safety net

Only ripped my clothes

So this phase is done I suppose.

Your soundtrack stung like a peace-out heart

And your words trailed off a calling card.

Where shaky knees

And spelling bees

Make me uneasy.

Condensation is rain on jars

And the smoke stacks robbed you of stars.

The country girl kind of sealed her fate

In the terminal where we waited.

Where shaky knees

And spelling bees

Make me uneasy.

Your safety net is a southern drawl.

New LP and Cons At The New Moon 

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases this Friday, May 6th.

This is the 5th song streaming from it on Bandcamp. A bit about 'Cons At The New Moon':

Cons At The New Moon is a bit autobiographical and takes me back to my time in NDG in Montreal. 

There was a greasy spoon/cafe called The New Moon we used to frequent on the way to and from our local Dep. 

Across the street was a sports field and one weekend the student council had a rock festival for the environment there and it embarrassingly and borderline criminally lost a whack of money. At some point, I ran back and forth from a residence building a few blocks down to the field in my Chuck Taylors. 

I got ferocious shin splints afterwards that lasted for weeks. I learned at that young age, don't run in soleless Cons. 

The hack poets in the song are me and a friend. She wasn't there that day though, the shin splint day. 

You can sing along if you like: 

I got my shin splints running 

On pavement in my Cons. 

Can we cheat and lie together 

As hack poets, fumbling on? 

Oh I dig your powered room 

Oh your potent lines, in bloom, 

Are exposing you. 

Your closed door, sweet breath offer 

Made sense, made perfect lines. 

But the swell of revelation 

We'd never recognize. 

Oh I dig your greasy spoon. 

Oh I waited at the Moon 

All that afternoon. 

I got my shin splints running 

On pavement in my Cons. 

Can we cheat and lie together 

As hack poets, fumbling on?

You can support by purchasing this new LP on Bandcamp:

There's a Pedal Under The Tree 

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases this Friday, May 6th. This is the 4th song streaming from it on Bandcamp. A bit about 'There's a Pedal Under the Tree':

It occurred to me while recording this new album that "There's a Pedal Under The Tree" could be a Christmas song. 

I wrote it as a response to a handwritten note that was left for me years ago. A visiting friend who shared a love of music gear compared hanging out with me to getting a guitar pedal for Christmas.

I took it as high praise. 

I love this song for its stabbing honesty and its attempt to make sense of the awkward topics of unrequited and lost love. It explores how a few simple, clever words on paper can evoke fantasies of incredible magnitude. For us daydreamers, anyway. 

I'm happy I found a new way to bring this song to life and hopefully I'll get to share it with you on a live stage, sometime soon. 

This is now the 4th song streaming from 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head', my new album which you can preorder here:

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