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New song, two versions: "Saturday night/Sunday morning" series continues  

Another new song for another Bandcamp Friday, maybe the last? 

Bandcamp waives its fees for artists, so today (Friday Dec 3) is a great day to support your fave artists, by buying downloads and merch. More of that dough goes directly to them, but today only. 

In the meantime, I'm wondering if this 'Saturday Night/Sunday Morning' experiment I toyed with last month might become a thing. 

Who knows. 

Here's another shot at 'choose your own destiny' with two very different versions of the same song. 

The A Side is shoegaze-light indie noise-pop while the B side is a much more mellow acoustic experience, for gazing into campfires. 

To quote the Hot Snakes: "Nothing to work with, nothing to lose. Take it or leave it. Do both. Do both if you choose". 


And get out there and support your favourite artists with some Bandcamp bucks!

I know I will.



On Vacuuming  

It doesn't matter how many times I type the word vacuum, it always looks wrong. And it makes me pause.

For those keeping score, this is the second song I've written with vacuum in the title. I may never learn.

So here's a little evening strumming of that new song 'A Vacuum Void of Fun'.

There may have been a ghost in the room with us, not sure, but they are always welcome.

I released two versions of Vacuum recently (right, that post is below) one for Saturday night and the other for Sunday morning.

They are both up on Bandcamp, natch, and releasing to other streaming platforms aka Spotify in the next week or so. The followers will know.

As always, thanks for singing along. It's always a bit easier for me when there are extra voices.


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Two versions of a new song for Bandcamp Friday 

Hey everyone, it's Bandcamp Friday once again! (That means if you purchase something from me on Bandcamp, I pay zero fees to only though).

This time around I recorded two versions of a new song, one for Saturday evenings (cranked up electric) and the other for Sunday mornings (dead-string acoustic chill, accompanied by a Roland Funny Cat)

As the preacher apparently said to Sam Cooke: "You can only sing on Saturday night or Sunday morning. You can't do both". 

I think of this song as comfort food for coping with self doubt. If you're a lyrics person, you can do with that what you will. 

Speaking of lyrics, there are a few easter eggs in there too, for those who enjoy that type of thing: 2 album titles and 1 line borrowed from the great Loudon Wainwright III. 

Pick them out and challenge your friends, but also feel free to ask me for specifics. I enjoy talking about this stuff with others, not only with myself. 

Thanks for listening and supporting.


Black Dog - An Arlo Parks cover 

Sitting around with the puppy audience (the big sigh at 0:28 is pretty funny), I thought I'd strum a cover song. 

This is from one of my favourite LPs this year, Collapsed In Sunbeams by Arlo Parks

It's rare (for me anyway) to have a song stop me in my tracks. That happened when I first heard Black Dog on the radio earlier this year. I was completely mesmerized. As I dug deeper, I fell for the entire record of soulful beats, but this is the song that has really stuck with me. 

It's heavy, yet beautiful subject matter, and I encourage you to check out her stuff if you haven't already.

Arlo Parks version:

Bonfire and sunset! This live version is so great as well:


A long awaited backyard set 

The Disaster Drop from Decide To Stay And Swim Again

After years and years and YEARS of us talking about playing live together, Susan O and I finally did just that.

We had planned to share a bill to launch my last LP 'Decide To Stay And Swim Again' in April of 2020, just as the pandemic was kicking in.

With that show obviously cancelled, it was fitting my first show in 20 months was with Sue.

This is the first song of our backyard set on Thanksgiving weekend here in Ottawa, Canada.

And this is the very first song we ever performed live together.

I thought it was most certainly worth documenting here.


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