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"Decide To Stay and Swim Again" gets a new release date 

Yeah, I think we all agree it's a tough year on so many levels. In my heart of hearts, I wanted to wait to release this record until 'things got better'. But I honestly don't know when that will be. And I fear things might get worse before they do get better.

I know music is powerful and can heal and is generally good for our souls and well-being. It can be a form of support and it can also be a form of escape. For those reasons I've decided to press on with this record and kick-start this release once again.  

Originally slated for April 2nd, 2020, I've chosen September 30 as the official date to let this one out into the world. I'll be rolling out more details between now and then.

If you'd like a vinyl copy, I have about 40 left and you can secure one via Bandcamp or by emailing me here: You can find out details about direct orders here:

Otherwise please follow me on your favourite digital streaming platform to be notified when this record will be available. 

Details about the LP, the amazing vinyl cover artwork can be found at these links below.  

I hope you're all keeping well and staying safe. Keep looking out for each other.

Cheers, C.


My Focal Point - live, isolating with the birds 

Thought I'd share some more of my isolation strumming out in the country.

And you'll hear a bird at the end that was perfectly timed too. (I didn't originally notice it because I was busy dealing with a bug biting my arm, as you'll see 😅)

I got a kick out of my bird audience because that is the one bird call I remember asking my grandfather about in that area when I was a kid. It felt like a bit of sweet cosmic energy. 

This is 'My Focal Point' from my LP 'Volume Vs. Voice'. 

You can hear the original here: 

Of course all this stuff is also on YouTube and Spotify, so you can follow me on those platforms as well. 

Hope you're all keeping safe and looking out for each other! 🤘😎❤️

Covering Tom Petty's Runnin' Down A Dream 

I'm not sure what possessed me to cover Tom Petty for this. I actually did dream about it, so I decided to roll with it in the end. 

This is an awfully fun cover song compilation from a bunch of indie artists riding out this pandemic like champs.

Have a listen and enjoy.

And keep running down your dream. 


Have a listen to the entire compilation here:


And of course you know the original by now:


Isolation sessions, mountain view: Summertime Out 

After a difficult and emotionally draining couple of weeks, I felt fortunate to decompress and take in some mountain air. And practice some social distancing in the country with some mellow strums.  

This is Summertime Out, from my album A Date With A Smoke Machine.  

I hope you're all doing well, keeping safe and staying vigilant.  

And keep looking out for each other.  

You can follow me and buy my music on Bandcamp here.  

And here's the video for this song, shot with the same river in the background, a few years back. 

Live stream - Please donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada for Beaus 5K 

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, commented and donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada as part of Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. annual 5K run! 

If you missed the live sets from Jim and I, you can watch below. And please consider donating! 

You can still donate online, and even register for the virtual run, here: 

More details about the run and fundraiser here: 

My set list from the embedded video above (the links below go to the recorded versions on Bandcamp).


Disaster Drop 
Dreamed We Were Astronauts (Camp Radio) 
When All The Bugs Are Contained (The Stand GT) 
Feel Like Caving In 
Guilt Trip Fashion 
Patio To Stereo 
Whisper Astrologics 
Chaise Lounge 
The Dead Weight Song 
Keep Me On Your Radar 
My Focal Point

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