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The Best Coast 


Hope you're geared up for another Bandcamp Friday of new indie music discovery!  

My contribution to the indie wave is a new song called The Best Coast

And for those of you amused by the multiple versions I've been releasing lately, the Saturday Night/Sunday Morning combo appears again.   

Thank you for listening and thanks for continuing to purchase my songs...hope they're treating you well.    

Happy Bandcamp Friday-ing!   
- chris

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Summer Remains: A new EP for Bandcamp Friday 

Hope your summer is going swimmingly. 
Admittedly this Bandcamp Friday came out of nowhere. 
I've spent the last few days scrambling to get this song ready for my Bandcamp peeps, so I hope you enjoy!
And keeping the tradition alive, here's another Saturday Night/Sunday Morning treatment: one version good and mellow for those Sunday morning papers and the other is full blown power pop ripping for your Saturday Night warm up playlist (please crank that one WAY UP! It might be my fave Sat Nite version yet!).
'Summer Remains' is a reflection on the whirlwind of bittersweet feelings you get as those warm summer evenings get shorter; when the fireflies fade away and the crickets come out in full force among the asters. 
It really is the best time of year, isn't it?
Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy all the great releases coming out this Bandcamp Friday and thanks for supporting indie artists.

There’s not much more you need to hear

Here is the last song I’ll write this year

The boys of summer hurt my head

And I was stuck on everything you said 

They’re all remains…

They’re just summer remains.


The Aspen is running low on fuel

I swore to Rod I’m not going back to school

I lost my nerve that day on the beach

We all felt summer slipping out of reach

They’re all remains…

They’re just summer remains.


The sunset reflected low in your eyes

You kissed me and tried to not act surprised

By autumn you had drifted away 

And I held tight to summer remains 

They’re all that remains

They’re just summer remains. 

Near In Control: "cover" for Kind Space 

Update June 13:

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to listen and donate to my Near In Control fundraiser!

Your contributions helps The Bytown Cup raise over $12,500 for Kind Space this weekend!

That's a fantastic and I'm thrilled to be a little part of it.

Thanks again for your support!


New release on Bandcamp, folks! All $$ raised from this song goes to a charitable cause: Kind Space.

My friends have organized a hockey tournament this weekend called 'The ByTown Cup' and it's described as "A bunch of good people playing bad hockey, raising money for charity and building a positive and healthy hockey culture that's welcoming to everyone."

While having fun, we're raising funds for this great organization, Kind Space. Read more about it here:

We're looking to reach $5000 this weekend!

Oh and about this new release: It's a deep cut track that appeared on the very first record by The Stand GT, way back in the 90s. It's called "Near In Control" and was a staple of our set back then (albeit a tad more raucous than this version). So yeah, this is a bit of a time capsule into my 20ish year old brain, writing about who knows what.

Hope you enjoy...and please donate if you can. I'll ensure all the money you send to Bandcamp gets over to Kind Space via the Bytown Cup GoFundMe!

Cheers and keep your stick on the ice!


When you play my guitar that low

And you tell me about the things you know and see

And how this tough equation just won’t fit me

Trading clothes might keep us close

But I think you already know exactly

What I’m thinking and how I’m dealing with it.

Avoiding sleep and jamming with your words

I’m learning a lot, but not the half I’ve heard.

So you tell me, but you can’t stop me from getting there.

I’ve always learned to live with stares.

But this kind I’m not sure if I care for

And I know I’ll never understand them.

I’m taking in the things you say

I’ll use them some other day, you’ll see.

And I’ll wonder if you’re thinking of me. 

I’m searching long and hard for a cool catchphrase

The one, the secret to let me take you away.

I’m near in control, I heard you say. 

So don’t let that star blur on your wrist

There is no way to fade from this.

Hide in your room, you’re not alone

Pulling at strings, near in control. 

Now you’ve kicked the shins of Jale

I know you will never fail and probably be

Someone who I wish was thinking of me. 

I’m searching long and hard for a cool catchphrase

The one, the secret to let me take you away.

I’m near in control, I heard you say.

*shrug emoji*


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