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New LP and Cons At The New Moon 

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases this Friday, May 6th.

This is the 5th song streaming from it on Bandcamp. A bit about 'Cons At The New Moon':

Cons At The New Moon is a bit autobiographical and takes me back to my time in NDG in Montreal. 

There was a greasy spoon/cafe called The New Moon we used to frequent on the way to and from our local Dep. 

Across the street was a sports field and one weekend the student council had a rock festival for the environment there and it embarrassingly and borderline criminally lost a whack of money. At some point, I ran back and forth from a residence building a few blocks down to the field in my Chuck Taylors. 

I got ferocious shin splints afterwards that lasted for weeks. I learned at that young age, don't run in soleless Cons. 

The hack poets in the song are me and a friend. She wasn't there that day though, the shin splint day. 

You can sing along if you like: 

I got my shin splints running 

On pavement in my Cons. 

Can we cheat and lie together 

As hack poets, fumbling on? 

Oh I dig your powered room 

Oh your potent lines, in bloom, 

Are exposing you. 

Your closed door, sweet breath offer 

Made sense, made perfect lines. 

But the swell of revelation 

We'd never recognize. 

Oh I dig your greasy spoon. 

Oh I waited at the Moon 

All that afternoon. 

I got my shin splints running 

On pavement in my Cons. 

Can we cheat and lie together 

As hack poets, fumbling on?

You can support by purchasing this new LP on Bandcamp:

There's a Pedal Under The Tree 

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases this Friday, May 6th. This is the 4th song streaming from it on Bandcamp. A bit about 'There's a Pedal Under the Tree':

It occurred to me while recording this new album that "There's a Pedal Under The Tree" could be a Christmas song. 

I wrote it as a response to a handwritten note that was left for me years ago. A visiting friend who shared a love of music gear compared hanging out with me to getting a guitar pedal for Christmas.

I took it as high praise. 

I love this song for its stabbing honesty and its attempt to make sense of the awkward topics of unrequited and lost love. It explores how a few simple, clever words on paper can evoke fantasies of incredible magnitude. For us daydreamers, anyway. 

I'm happy I found a new way to bring this song to life and hopefully I'll get to share it with you on a live stage, sometime soon. 

This is now the 4th song streaming from 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head', my new album which you can preorder here:

Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head  

It's my b-day in the coming days, so for this Bandcamp Friday I decided to release something a bit self indulgent. 

This is my favourite collection of songs I've written, originally from Camp Radio's debut LP.

In the deep, dark depths of isolation, I revisited this album with some acoustic guitars and made these home recordings. 

The official release day will be April 29, but starting today you can hear 3 songs over on Bandcamp here:

I'll unveil more of them leading up to release day and will play a few live on my YouTube channel during that time as well. Be sure to subscribe here:

Thanks for listening. 


You can hear the original and purchase LP or CD here:


New song: Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch 

It's new music day, aka Bandcamp Friday.  

"Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch". 

For some reason this song started out its life called "Lemon 6". 

Useless information, perhaps. 

But there's this memory of a ritual that came back to me while writing this song.  

I had a tie on and we left the church and walked to a nearby hall where we picked up paper plates, loaded them with small triangular cut sandwiches and bread and butter pickles and made small talk to people we only saw at these things.  

It was a funeral brunch.  

I remember my cheeks felt hot as the small talk bounced from one old acquaintance to another.  

No one would retain a word.  

I played with my tie, counting the moments when I could release myself from its grip. 

That would be the first thing I did when I escaped it, the funeral brunch.  

They say music heals and I think they are right.  

Making it is very therapeutic as well.  

For me anyway.  

Hope you find something in this song to your liking.  

Thanks for buying it, for downloading it, for streaming it.  

Mostly thank you for listening to it. 



I hunkered down in that town 
To ride out lonely 
Intentions were good I understood 
You might floor me 
Though I stuck a photo of you on my wall 
I kinda lost the beauty of it all. 

The fragrance hung there, from your hair 
Like an oldie station 
Celebrating songs gone so long 
Out of frustration 
By the time I ditched those credit cards from you 
I wrote a springtime love song you might use 
To help you float away, cause I could see how things had changed 
Hey, I didn’t say that I’d forget you, but there’s a lot to get to. 

Though we didn’t sing 
There was this ring 
To keep us sober 
The girl in my dreams 
Said some things 
Then I adored her 
By the time you left the funeral brunch on cue 
I wrote a springtime love song you could use 
By the time I ditched those Christmas cards from you 
I wrote a springtime love song you might use 
Hey I heard you say diamonds are forever pain 
Hey, I didn’t say that I’d forget you, cause that’s a lot to get through.

New song: Lost Love in Semitones 


Update: Thank you for your generous donations and support for yesterday's Bandcamp Friday, pals. Donations to both Shepherds of Good Hope and Cornerstone Women's Shelter here in Ottawa were made this morning. 

Keep safe, put on your favourite record and let the music heal.


During this Bandcamp Friday (Feb 4), all funds raised for my new song 'Lost Love in Semitones' will be donated. 

50% to the Shepherds of Good Hope, 50% to Cornerstone Women's Shelter. Both located here in Ottawa. Here are the links if you'd like to know more or donate directly: 

As if we haven't been through enough. This past week has been extra difficult, and continues to be, for many here in my hometown. 

And music heals. So how about some new stuff? 'Lost Love in Semitones', is a song I was playing regularly in live sets, pre-pandemic. 

My friend John Higney played some great tenor guitar parts during those live performances. Eventually I'd love to re-record this to capture that magic he had going on. 

And he also suggested I change a lyric, so he gets songwriting credit as well. 

"It's a hardened heart I'm leaning on". 

Keep safe and try to stay positive. Special shout out to my Ottawa friends and small business owners to hang in there. We've all got your back.

And we continue to be in this together.

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