Latest LP "Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head" now available for download here!

Chris Page is an Ottawa-based, independent songwriter who also fronts bands Expanda FuzzCamp Radio and The Stand GT.   

His latest LP "Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head" was released in May, 2022. This album is a warm and raw collection of acoustic songs and is Chris's most stark release to date.  

The album was recorded during the deep, dark depths of the pandemic and was originally intended as personal reflection and a fun studio experiment. As Chris puts it, "At some point I went back and listened to what I'd recorded and thought it was so good, I knew I should consider releasing it as an album".  The record revisits Chris's songwriting from Camp Radio's first LP released in 2006.  

"Most of these songs are incredibly personal and I felt creating them with a raw acoustic sound gave them a new voice, which was something very powerful that I wasn't expecting."  

"I also intertwined old cassette tapes I had from when I was a kid singing songs with my sister and grandparents. I used to record everyone and everything so it was fun to listen to these old tapes and bring them to live as a backdrop in these new songs".  

The album was recorded entirely in his home studio as Chris prides himself as an artist who creates and releases his music independently, in the true spirit of DIY.   

Since then, he has released several singles and EPs which you can hear on Bandcamp. And Chris has a new LP planned for spring of 2024! 

Chris has released five solo records that range from wistful folk to stripped-down pop. From Germany to the U.S. to Australia, he has released records on independent labels the world over in the 25+ years he’s been making music.   

Chris's previous two solo records, Decide To Stay And Swim Again and Volume Vs. Voice, were both lyrically-striking set of folk/Americana gems and were released to critical acclaim when they came out in 2015 and 2020 respectively. 



'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' track listing and times:

  1. On The Landing Strip 04:39    
  2. Bleed The Real Estate Girls 03:09    
  3. Cons At The New Moon 02:31    
  4. The Julie Rationale 04:24    
  5. Dreamed We Were Astronauts 05:15    
  6. In The Terminal 03:41    
  7. Ticking Toward September 03:59    
  8. Beat Me To The Medics 03:20    
  9. There's a Pedal Under The Tree 03:45    
  10. My Eyes Are Dim 04:39    

Previous Reviews:

“Chris Page perfectly skirts the line of punk rock and folk while playing pop songs on his acoustic guitar…Page’s latest solo release, his fourth, Volume Vs. Voice, was one of my favourite of 2015, not just in Ottawa but period. Chris Page is a must see for fans of The Weakerthans and for people who love it any time a punk rock soul finds himself behind an acoustic guitar.” – Ottawa Showbox

“This is a clever honest album, true to its title, worth taking the trouble with the journey of understanding.” – Americana UK 

“PICK OF THE WEEK: The interplay between acoustic and electric guitars is masterful with the electric never overpowering, only enhancing. Chris’ voice also really stands out as it seems to teeter on the edge without ever stepping off. Lyrical content is rich and personal. All in all, this record is a win.” – Cups N Cakes Podcast


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Promo photo during photo shoot for 'The Disaster Drop'

Chris live at Ottawa Bluesfest. Photo copyright Blurasis/Ming Wu

Chris at the Horseshoe Tavern. Photo by Tiana Feng.