Isolation sessions: Hello, Danger Bay

Sending positive vibes to everyone out there, and a huge thanks to all the front line workers keeping our communities safe during this relentless pandemic.

This one is a request from my brother Leigh who is out there on the…


Bandcamp Friday new song(s)

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're all doing well and hanging in there.  

I'm hoping to keep sending some positivity out into the world from here in my isolated little corner.  

And in…


Isolation sessions: Blank The All-Stars

Another song for the Isolation Sessions and another song by The Stand GT.

This one is from our last LP, "Good On The River" and is a favourite of mine from that album.

You can hear the original here:



Here's another new song that I've been tinkering with forever. 

The wonderful and talented Susan O collaborated with me on this recording, adding her beautiful voice and sweet piano/organ parts.

I'm super happy with the results.


Sneak peek at a new song: Jenny

Next up for the Isolation Sessions and ahead of another Bandcamp Friday, here's a sneak peek at a song I'll be releasing this week. 

Simply called "Jenny", this is a new song I've been dabbling with for some time now.


The Stand GT, by request: Crank Down The Window

For this chapter in the Isolation Sessions series I was, I'll call it, "encouraged" to play a classic song by The Stand GT: "Crank Down The Window".

When playing songs by The Stand on acoustic guitar I tend to struggle…