Saying Goodbye to our Sweet Charlie


It’s been a week now since our beloved Charlie passed away.

And what a sad, empty and lonely week it’s been.

As many of you know, he was truly one of the sweetest, most loveable cats we’ve ever known.

He has been a constant little rock since he first arrived in our lives as a rescued kitten during the great 1998 ice storm.

Charlie has been diabetic since he was 9, so it’s a great story to share knowing we were able to manage that with him through to almost 17 years old. Despite the 2 needles of insulin daily, he never once kitty-complained and remained ever stoic, content, cuddly and a real entertaining character.

I’m going to miss his meow-speak, his constant purrs and his unconditional love terribly.

Safe travels, our little old soul.


Waking up morning view

Charlie was rescued from Quebec with his brother Lenny and came to live in our Third Ave apartment in Ottawa

Check out the paws! While not the most graceful at times,
Charlie was definitely known for his beautiful and mighty paws.

Gimme paw! As a kitten on Third Ave.

A recent photo, with that ever present glow.

While he was as an indoor kitty, he loved when he got to spend some quality time outside.




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