Another Bandcamp Friday brings "Tripping Against The Crowd"

 ‘Tripping Against The Crowd’ is this month's new song launching out of here, the Las Vanier Haus of Fuzz.

And just in time for another Bandcamp Friday. It's like an indie music Christmas around here each month. 

I've brought back the Saturday Night/Sunday morning versions for those of you who like to choose between pop punk garage and more chill indie vibes. I've also included a bonus acoustic demo making this a 3 version EP outing this time. 

As usual, these release on Bandcamp first, so be sure to follow me there to be first to hear the new stuff. All other streaming platforms like Spotify will follow in a month or so, and I'd love it if you followed me there as well. 

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Happy Discovering New Music and Supporting Indie Artists Bandcamp Friday! 



I fell in and out of time 

While I kept you on my mind 

With those small silly things 

To endure when beauty stings 

You don’t play Those games. 

Circumstance beyond control 

Busting rhymes with De La Soul 

Lost the map, as I feared 

Not what you’d expect to hear 

You don’t play Those games. 

If I cozy up to the cynics all around I’d still feel down. 

We fell in and out of space 

While the crowd dispersed someplace 

It was sweet to behold 

When the Grips unleashed their souls. 

The perfect place to find your way. 

If I cozy up to the static all around 

And I saturate my field of vision now 

I’d still feel down 

Still feel down.