Decide to Stay and Swim - Song #5: Whisper Astrologics

Part of an ongoing series where I revisit 2003's record, Decide To Stay And Swim

I have a very clear memory of this song coming together and playing that part on acoustic guitar in my apartment. I remember wanting to keep the song simple, but slowly build as it went on. 

The lyrics are about a single song during a high school dance. It's an imagined take on the thoughts of two teenagers, struggling to understand the point of holding someone close during those fleeting moments and what it all means; would the dance lead to something more, or simply be a moment, lost in time. 

For the record, the song was 'Drive' by The Cars. 


Hold on: I think this song is ending 

So will you drive me home the next 10 years? 

And I wait as we lay down in traffic 

For the sounds with the meanings insincere. 

As you plan for your thoughts with astrologics 

To be sure of the paintings on the moon 

And the smell of your hair these last three minutes 

Spent our eternity too soon.

Here is the original version:

And here is the new acoustic version:






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