New song: Lost Love in Semitones


Update: Thank you for your generous donations and support for yesterday's Bandcamp Friday, pals. Donations to both Shepherds of Good Hope and Cornerstone Women's Shelter here in Ottawa were made this morning. 

Keep safe, put on your favourite record and let the music heal.


During this Bandcamp Friday (Feb 4), all funds raised for my new song 'Lost Love in Semitones' will be donated. 

50% to the Shepherds of Good Hope, 50% to Cornerstone Women's Shelter. Both located here in Ottawa. Here are the links if you'd like to know more or donate directly: 

As if we haven't been through enough. This past week has been extra difficult, and continues to be, for many here in my hometown. 

And music heals. So how about some new stuff? 'Lost Love in Semitones', is a song I was playing regularly in live sets, pre-pandemic. 

My friend John Higney played some great tenor guitar parts during those live performances. Eventually I'd love to re-record this to capture that magic he had going on. 

And he also suggested I change a lyric, so he gets songwriting credit as well. 

"It's a hardened heart I'm leaning on". 

Keep safe and try to stay positive. Special shout out to my Ottawa friends and small business owners to hang in there. We've all got your back.

And we continue to be in this together.