Yes, Aggravate “1″ Fan

I must admit it’s a bit bittersweet for me when I have to turn off my Christmas record for another year.

‘Bitter’, because it’s a significant about of love-labour working on the thing (hey, what isn’t in the indie music world) and ‘sweet’, because it’s a fun project that I do enjoy tucking away while daydreaming about what next year’s addition will be.

This year was a blast and I’m psyched to fire it up again later in 2014.

I saw Santa sliding on a cafeteria tray...seriously.

I saw Santa sliding on a cafeteria tray…seriously.

Anyway, BandCamp gave me this hilarious warning when I went to set the record to private:

Sorry Lorrie

So yeah, I aggravated “1″ fan.

(Thanks for being my 1 fan, Lorrie Matheson. And it’s not the first time I’ve aggravated you, I’m sure.)

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