Volume Vs Voice on ‘best of Ottawa 2015′ list

Recording Volume Vs. Voice, secluded in Quebec.

Thanks to Peter Simpson and the Ottawa Citizen for adding Volume Vs. Voice to this ‘best of’ list!

Making a record is sometimes a long and personal journey. Though I’ve always made music to satisfy myself, first and foremost, it’s cool when someone acknowledges the work and tells me they enjoy the songs.

It’s even better when I’m listed among my incredibly talented pals and peers here in this Ottawa music scene I now call home.

I can tell you for sure there’s an exciting cross-section of terrific music being made around here, so if you like Peter’s list, be sure to keep digging around locally.

Your support is what drives independent music and keeps it flourishing.

Read Peter’s entire Top 10 (and more!) here.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out all my records, including Volume Vs. Voice here:


One of the few pics I have recording Volume Vs. Voice. Seclusion means lack of photographers to capture the moment.


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