This heart knows something...

Last year the fine folks at Cups N Cakes asked if I would be interested in contributing a song for a comp they were putting together.

They requested that I write one exclusively for the comp, so that it would not be available anywhere else. While I've been on a few compilations over the years, I've never written something exclusive for such a project, so this past winter I took up the challenge and this is the result. 

I've added 'This Heart Knows Something We Don't' to my ongoing 'Spotify Setlist' thing here:

...And of course you can grab it off Bandcamp here:


There are also beautiful, limited cassettes of this compilation on Double Lunch Records and I have a few for those interested.

Find the cassettes over here, if you'd like one.

As mentioned, super limited...and super DIY beautiful!

The entire comp can be heard here and it's a great mix of amazing bands from across the country. 

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