The ‘Volume Vs. Voice’ Yearend Lists

The limited edition Volume Vs. Voice package which you can order here!


For posterity, here is a fine bunch of 2015 yearend lists that were kind enough to include Volume Vs. Voice!

It’s been a fun year promoting this record and I really appreciate all the continued support.


#8 On CKCU’s Top 50

It’s amazing to me that it’s been 20 years since I first penned The Stand GT’s ‘Sugarbuzz’, a song that pays homage to landscaping, eating candy and the mighty CKCU! This community radio station has been such a great supporter of my music over the years.

Ottawa Showbox Top Albums for 2015

The hardworking folks at Ottawa Showbox continue to cheerlead, support and generally be an integral part helping grow and cement the scene. As a result, they are quickly becoming an institution in these parts. They were a great support to me this year and also presented the Volume Vs Voice record release show at Raw Sugar, here in Ottawa.

PHOTOGMUSIC’s Top 50 – #24

Those of you who follow my work or are involved with the Ottawa music scene in any way, will certainly know the name Ming Wu. His amazing photos and his tireless show-going energy is stuff of local legend. Ming is always so good to let me use his terrific photos as well. Plus, I owe him a vinyl copy of Volume Vs. Voice (I’m on it, Ming!)

Cups N Cakes Podcast – Best of 2015

I met the good folks behind this podcast when I was out west in Edmonton this summer. Subscribe and have a listen. They’ve been terrific champions of VVV this year.

Ottawa Citizen’s The Big Beat – #6

When veteran and well respected Ottawa music lover and critic Peter Simpson compared me to Paul Westerberg, I was beyond flattered. I was also honoured to be listed along side these great records.



“This is a clever honest album, true to its title, worth taking the trouble with the journey of understanding.” – Americana UK

“PICK OF THE WEEK: The interplay between acoustic and electric guitars is masterful with the electric never overpowering, only enhancing. Chris’ voice also really stands out as it seems to teeter on the edge without ever stepping off. Lyrical content is rich and personal. All in all, this record is a win.” – Cups N Cakes Podcast

“…one of the best discs of the year.” – Michael Doherty’s Music Log

“…while each song is its own unique entity, Page’s earnest vocals, honest lyrics and steadfast guitar work are the unwavering strings that weave the whole record together.” – Exclaim!

“…if gruff-voiced and heartfelt gritty songs are up your alley, check out Volume Vs. Voice.” – New Canadian Music

“A troubadour that sounds as at home penning introspective acoustic songs, like those heard on his new album, as he is indulging in punk-inspired rock and roll.” – The Music Nerd

“…a slowed-down, finger-picking-laden, emotionally-charged acoustic album…The album is beautiful, a reflection of the scenery in which it was recorded.” – Ottawa Showbox

“The combination of Page’s earnest vocals and acoustic guitar blend well to create catchy folk-punk tunes.” – Apt 613

“…while he’s turned down the volume the songs are still distinctly in his own voice.” – Gray Owl Point


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