The Minor Crime At Christmastime Epic EP Continues…

The Minor Crime at Christmastime by Chris Page

I Heard You Slurring Christmas Songs / To Plastic Reindeer
On The Lawn

Those who have been following me for awhile will know this line is from my song The Minor Crime at Christmastime (…it kinda cracks me up every time I hum it in my head. I know. I entertain myself).

Over the last 5 years I’ve been adding one holiday themed song per year to a collection of the same name. I mostly bother with this festive creative tinkering solely to amuse myself, but feel free to share (In fact, sharing is pretty much encouraged).

This year’s addition is a quick little garage folk number called ‘Left of the Christmas Dial‘ and contains more colourful images about the season in which we all love to complain about and which we are so now deeply immersed: 2012 version, whatcha got?!

The seed for this thing all started with a phone call from Paul Gott of the Ripcordz all those years ago challenging The Stand GT to write a Christmas song for an En Guard 7″ Paul affectionately called Merry Goddamned Christmas. (That 7 is getting rare, find one if you can). What ensued is a whole story in itself, so for good measure, I’ve included ‘Stocking Stuffer‘ here too. (It’s also on YouTube for those wanting to listen there).

The songs are all FREE to stream and download so check ‘em out, drop me line and send me stocking stuffer to make me feel guilty for writing ‘You’ll wonder why your stocking stuffer sucked’ all those years ago. But I’ll warn you it feels just as right now as it did then.

Happy Christmas everybody.

PS/UPDATE! Here is a live version of ‘Left of the Christmas Dial’ at the 2012 Centertown Holiday Office Party (Yep, it’s a rare treat to play this live…thanks to Chris Cook for capturing it…)

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