The continuing story of deciding to stay and swim...again!

The back cover of the original Decide To Stay And Swim CD

Who is the girl on the back cover?  

I used to get this question back when the Decide To Stay and Swim CD came out on Kelp in 2004 and started to get some traction.

Some 16 years later, I can tell you her name is Hannah Poirier and she's become a wonderful photographer, studying her art in Halifax. When it came time to assemble the new record, I asked Hannah if she would be interested in having carte blanche to choose one of her pieces for the cover of Decide To Stay and Swim Again

And I'm psyched with what she chose.

Those of you who've ordered the record will be the first to see Hannah's work for this 180g vinyl limited release. The LP ships in February, so the unveil of Hannah's work is coming soon!

And there's still time to order one. If you'd like to secure a copy, details are here.


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