#TBT: Saves The Day, the 15th anniversary of ‘Through Being Cool’ and Suzi

Standing stage left at a Saves The Day show, Club Soda, Montreal (2002) – Image from Junkedcamera.com



Saves The Day’s “Through Being Cool” will always remind me of Suzi.



These guys were one of the few Suzi Bands that I honestly liked (Suzi Bands was a term I affectionately coined for those MOR emo bands she loved so much). I fondly remember our last-minute-road-trip-friend-date to Montreal to see Saves The Day, blasting that record along the way.

At the time I remember being worried I would feel ‘too old’ at the show and she was sure to tease me about that, being a few years my junior. We shotgunned two cans of beer on a side street outside the club, flying in the face of those silly feelings.

Beyond that, I barely remember the show, let alone what must’ve been the long drive back to Ottawa from Montreal. But I have fond memories of my travelling companion on that little road trip, some late autumn night, to see a band that in the grand scheme of things is barely a blip on my radar.

Though something about this LP struck a right chord with me and I’m grateful for the memories it stirs up.

Check out the Wired story here.

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