#tbt – ‘Resemblance’ and the first full day of fall

Original picture taken in Little Bullhorn Studios…from the back cover of “Sell Out Slow“. It says “Now You May Rock”


This song came up randomly the other day and its been bouncing around in my head ever since.

Maybe it’s because I originally wrote it thinking about this time of year, but it will always remind me of the fall. I was at Concordia U at the time and there are a few friends and characters from my time there who appear in the song. It’s about longing for sure, but is centred around the concept of change and what we go through when dealing with changing places and time…and seasons.

Specifically, “Another line of long forgotten faces” is in reference to boarding the shuttle buses that run between campuses at Concordia. “Standing speechless underneath your billboard” is actually a literal line, not a metaphor, about when I returned to Montreal and saw a friend of mine on a giant billboard. Not something you experience everyday…

I’ve often thought about re-recording it, but I don’t think I could ever match the magic of Janice Hall’s voice or Dave Draves nonchalant piano playing. The subtle Simon and Garfunkel-esque ending of the song fading into reverb was completely intentional and still makes me grin.

Happy first full day of fall everyone…


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