Targ, touring and vintage tables

Rocker Rene LeClair (Fear Agent, Dead City Rebels) and I shoot some Paragon at Spin-it Records in Moncton.



In this month’s always-hotly anticipated issue of the House of Targ zine, I get all introspective, retrospective and down-right teary-eyed when I discover a table in Moncton that I used to play as a kid.



Cue my dusty, nostalgic blurb about ‘Paragon’.

And oh…one of those crafty Wizards at Targ convinced me to send a pic of my now-ancient and much coveted official 70s KISS Army card.

See all the details in my piece here.

As always, be sure to pick up a hard copy of the ‘zine when you drop into House of Targ for flippers and perogies.





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