Saturday show at Raw Sugar with Liz, Leslie and Sarah

For those of you interested in my solo stuff, I’m returning to Raw Sugar for an acoustic show the evening of Saturday March 22nd. I plan to preview a bunch of tracks from my new album and my pal Sarah Wotherspoon will be joining on drums/percussion for a few of those new ones. I’m sure I’ll get to numbers from A Date With A Smoke Machine and if the mood strikes, maybe a few surprises of the vintage variety too.

Leslie Dishslayer and Elizabeth McDermott (of the Banditas!) also join the bill.

The show is an earlier one and gets underway at 9pm or just after. It’s 8 bucks (that’s around $2 an artist, you art-lovers-on-a-budget) so come on out and enjoy some singer-songwriter singing and performing.

Approximate set times:
Elizabeth – 9pm
Leslie – 9:45
Chris and Sarah – 10:30

***Also! We’re just up the street from the Average Times LP release show at Gabba Hey with Peach Kelli Pop. You can easily stop by both!

The Facebook event is here if you’re into that kinda thing.

And stream a tune or two below.



Stream Leslie’s songs from her site here.

(And once again: this gorgeous poster courtesy the art wielding talents of meltingplastic):

Chris Page live at Raw Sugar

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