Reflecting on the one that didn’t get away

No one ever wants to hear about the show that got away.

I’m always suspicious when people claim ‘show of the year’ and ‘best performance ever’ when I wasn’t there to validate these sweeping statements for myself. After all, music is so incredibly subjective. And I get that people are just trying to share their enthusiasm for the moment in time that they experienced.

I had one of those last night. I know that if you’re reading this you probably weren’t there because the audience was beyond sparse. But the few of us that saw Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida (With Mark Haney on stand up bass) perform their sets, walked away knowing we witnessed something special.

So bear with me.

If you enjoy a true listening live music experience, one that allows you to soak in the melodies and the harmonies while pausing on almost every turn of phrase, you would have loved this show.

And the reason why I’m spelling it out here is because those of us in the Ottawa/Gatineau area get the opportunity to witness it again Friday night in Wakefield at Kaffe 1870 when Rodney, Ida and Mark do it again.

I’ll let you do your own math, but this is one to consider and not let slip away.

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