Ottawa: We’re taking it to the ‘burbs this Saturday

Chris live at Ottawa Bluesfest
Chris live at Ottawa Bluesfest: Photo by Andrew Carver

Saturday night is always a great night for rock. Just ask the dudes from the Bay City Rollers and they will spell it out for you.

This Saturday night (April 12th) I’m doing a solo set, opening for pals in Micarza Camaro (have you experienced one of their raucous, pint-induced, party-rock lately? Well, it’s probably time you did).

This show is a bit off the beaten path at a venue called ‘The Brass Monkey‘. It will mark my first time setting foot in the joint yet friends tell me this rock venue has a storied history! Legend has it even Camp Radio’s Scotty Terry used to hang out there back in his youthful prime. I’ll leave out the gory details of what went on and save it for stage banter. Cool?

If you’re a Facebook kinda person, here is the event.

If not, here are the details:
Micarza Camaro
Chris Page
Cradles to Caskets
Show time: 9pm
The Brass Monkey: 250 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa ON

A map to the club is here.

And on a related note: I know only Wally and I remember this show, but I’m sure by Sunday we’ll have our own Tales of the Brass Monkey:

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