New cover song: No More And No Less

"Lambs to the Slaughter" artwork by meltingplastic

I've been a fan of Rational Youth since I was a teen and No More And No Less has always been a favourite of mine. The song was originally on their 1985 LP 'Heredity'.

I recorded this cover just after I finished the Volume Vs. Voice sessions, so if you're a fan of that record, you'll hear the similarities. It's taken me awhile to put this out, mostly because up until recently, it hasn't been easy to do digital licensing in Canada for an indie artist. I was in touch with Tracy Howe, who wrote the song, and wanted to be sure he got his share of any nickels that roll in as a result of me releasing this. Ha.

Though I chose to do a mellow version of this song, I must admit this track has ALWAYS made me want to sing at the top of my lungs.

I guess it's timely too, because Rational Youth are currently on a cross-Canada tour and play Ottawa this Friday July 27th at House Of Targ

Here's a video of the original song you'd see on Much Music back in the day:

Here's a new Rational Youth version of the song, released in 2014:

You can hear my cover version on Bandcamp here:


The track will be up on streaming services soon and I'll be sure to add it to my Spotify playlist here:

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