My guest post for Ottawa Showbox – The Stand GT play Ottawa in 1988

Chris and Wally live at One Step Beyond, Ottawa – The Summer of ’88

The Stand GT didn’t play Ottawa much in our early days.

It wasn’t that we weren’t shown any love in the nation’s capital. It had more to do with our proximity to Montreal, being from the rural county of Glengarry. We were very connected with that scene and were fortunate to be playing shows with legendary Montreal bands like The Gruesomes, Deja Voodoo, Jerry Jerry and of course our touring pals, Ripcordz.

Our first show in Ottawa was at the “Downstairs Club”, which became “Lucky Ron’s”, then “The Hi-Fi” and is now a beer store on Rideau St. We opened for scene vets Fluid Waffle (who later became Furnanceface) and I would have met Dave Dudley (Dave’s Drum Shop), Slo’ Tom Stewart (Spaceman Music) and Patrick Banister for the first time that night – great guys who I’ve been friends with ever since.

But my memory of that evening is pretty hazy over 25 years on… (continued)

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