From the vault: Make hay (while the sun shines) - The Stand GT on tour with The Smugglers

In August 1994, The Stand GT toured Canada with Vancouver's The Smugglers. We brought a video camera along, something that was pretty much unheard of for indie bands in the mid-90s. Needless to say, we captured a LOT of footage. Some of which I've started to digitize; some will stay forever in the VHS tape format, never to be seen again.

The Stand GT live in Penticton, BC, 1994.

Dirty Windshields is a terrific memoir by Grant Lawrence about the epic journeys and adventures our friends in The Smugglers experienced during their career in the indie rock underground. 

If you're familiar with the book, there's a little story on pages 84 and 85 about touring with The Stand.

Well, here is that story come to life. 

To set the scene:

This was the last night of the bands' cross country tour together; The Smugglers were heading home to Vancouver and The Stand GT were heading to the US to record their first LP with Kurt Bloch in Seattle.  

We wore The Smugs pink tour shirts in tribute that night in Penticton, BC.

So here is The Stand GT live during that show, as captured on video by The Smugglers, who kindly offered to shoot our set.

The Stand GT songs in this footage (in order):

1. Into Downs

2. Near In Control

3. Paying The Piper

4. The Wait

But as you'll see, The Smugglers had other plans as well.

The "sweet" thank you note they left on our van. I still have it.



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