“Hunker Down” – Demo and Lyrics

I released this version of Hunker Down sometime mid-2013 and thought it was worth reposting here as we enter the final days of production on my new solo record.

This was a demo version put together as a pre-production blueprint for where I felt I wanted to go with the new album.

I’ve always wanted to make a record that was much more stripped down and acoustic driven. Each time I’ve gone about writing a new solo record, loud electric guitars – my comfort zone crutches – have always seemed to creep back into the process. This time I was bound and determined to find a way to keep ‘the edge’, lyrically or otherwise, while still making an acoustic record and not betraying my roots in garage and punk rock.

hunker down lyrics
Finalizing the lyrics to ‘Daylight’ (which became Hunker Down) on a warm Summer evening with the tools of the trade

The final version is actually pretty close to this one. We re-did the vocals using a Sennheiser 441 instead of the Rode K2 which I find a bit harsh for my voice. The K2 is on this version. There is also a new guitar track added for the version on the new album.

I’ll be curious to hear what people think of the differences when the new one is released.

Here are the lyrics for those interested. The embedded track via SoundCloud is below.

Hunker Down:
Seemed so simple
When it came back to me
And the prospect
Didn’t phase me
So I fell back asleep
And the whole wide world is here with me.

But I ache to have you closer
Like a promise made to order

You looked rather smashing
When you leaned in to kiss my cheek.
I captured all those memories
Though the vision’s incomplete.
And the whole wide world agrees with me.

But I ache to have you closer
Like a promise made to order
As I shield myself from exposure.

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