How Do You Follow Up A Date With A Smoke Machine?

No blogging, no tweeting, no Instagramming (though collecting pics for said social nets was definitely in the offing!)

I went offline for a few days to finally hunker down and record my follow up to ‘A Date With A Smoke Machine‘.

The goal? Isolate myself, alone, in a mountain cabin and track 12 songs for the new album.

The proverbial documenting selfie to prove to myself I was there.

And look. A new Nervosas shirt!

Thanks OXE.

Despite my Summer cold (I wasn’t able to track vocals so well), I managed to find the sound that will make up the material for my next solo album. I also found time for evening dips and cold ones at the beach during sunset. Inspiration for working well into the evening.


The working title is ‘A Different Kind Of Caper’. We’ll see if that sticks.

All in all, the few days alone in the mountains of Quebec was a great success.

Looking forward to sharing the results with you soon.

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