From the Vault: The Stand GT + The 14th Wray in Kingston

Though I live pretty close to Kingston, Ontario, I could certainly use the old cliche and count how many times I’ve played there on one hand:

The Stand GT has played twice and Camp Radio has never played there at all!

My return to the Toucan today will be just my third solo show within those city limits after all these years.

It’s a nostalgic treat, though, to return to the original venue where The Stand first played Kingston. I remember we were joined on stage by a young K-town band called ‘The 14th Wray’:

Poster for The Stand’s first show in Kingston

Pat ‘The Shanker’ Shanks was on guitar, Alan Wright on drums with Gord Mylks on bass – and they played a ripping style of psych-garage. To quote Pat when I asked him about the memory recently, “We’d had like two practices and were pretty shitty. I remember we did the Gilligans Island Theme and maybe House of Doctor Stimuli by Deja Voodoo.”

As previously mentioned on the blog here, I remember Pat breaking a string during the Wray’s set. I ran up to grab my black Les Paul copy and sling it over Pat’s shoulder, hoping to help him barely miss a strum. In fury of garage rock, The Shanker proceeded to bleed all over my guitar, acting out his best Pete Townshend adolescent garage rock attack! Doctor Stimuli indeed!

I remember him feeling pretty badly after the show as we both laughed, shrugged it off over pints and joked at becoming ‘blood brothers in rock’.

The bond between the two acts that was cemented that evening would live on for many years.

(I should also mention our pal Greg Watson would join the 14th Wray soon after!)

Join Pat and I at the Toucan tonight when we play with Jon Hynes, the Huaraches and Teenage Frankenstein for a CFRC benefit.

Bleeding on guitars will be optional for this event.

Pat and Cryptic Al busk on Princess St. in K-town. LUNCH!

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