Flying Vs and The Stand GTs: A quick trip to Seattle

The Stand GT live at El Corazon/Funhouse, Seattle - January 12, 2019

Last weekend I had the honour of joining a bunch of old friends to make some pretty great music and play Seattle's Pop Punk Festival. This was year two of the fest, and it was such a blast.

There were so many amazing bands, including old friends The Smugglers, The Tranzmitors, Lisa Marr, The Subjunctives and The Young Fresh Fellows.

Our set was a hearty blast of Stand classics, that we whipped together two days before the show! Our old buddy Ean Hernandez (Sicko, Subjuctives) was kind enough to get us practice time in their killer space in Ballard, which we took full advantage of since the band hadn't been together since Beaus Oktoberfest in the fall. The dank and dirty punk rock hang reminded us so much of our days in our very own chicken coop, that we enjoyed our practice time in Seattle just about as much as the show!

While the Smugs and Tranzmitors always deliver a mind-blowing set, it was the legendary Young Fresh Fellows who took us all back and really dialed in and put on a rock and roll, power pop clinic!

Here is a clip of the end of the Smugs set...will this be their last song live ever?! Sure hope not!

Finally, a clip of our set, playing Into Downs:

UPDATED! Here's our entire set! Thanks to Chris Force and Ean Hernandez for hooking us up with this great footage. As Aerosmith says, STREAM ON:



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