Don't Change - An acoustic INXS cover

It's a great feeling when a song from your distant past pierces you like a cliched cupid arrow.  

When it happens, I usually let the arrow stay there for as long as possible. It's a fluttery and fleeting time, when my mind runs in ecstatic loops, trying to keep up with how the rest of me is feeling.  

I heard a song recently that I hadn't heard since I was a teenager and this happened.

It was by a band I don't even really like, but those random mixed tones triggered something sharp, deep in my subconscious.

I was reminded what a great song this is. 

In an effort to keep the arrow in, I started playing the song on my guitar late that night.  

Then I decided to hit record, in the off chance this version might send someone an arrow one day. 

Stream on Spotify:

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The original by INXS, in all its 80s glory:

Even The Boss has covered this:


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