Decide To Stay and Swim - Song #7: The Sympathetic Slur

Part of an ongoing series where I revisit 2003's record, Decide To Stay And Swim

During the rollout of this 'Swim Redux' side project I've talked about how this idea came to me one cold winter night in 2018, but I upon hearing song #7, I realize that the seeds were planted much earlier.

Sometime around 2013 I was in the midst of recording my solo LP, "Volume Vs. Voice". I had isolated myself in a cottage in Quebec for a few days to see what it would be like to record an album in a fairly secluded location. The fact cell phones didn't work and there was no internet connection really helped me to focus in a way that was incredibly therapeutic.

During that session, I warmed up with a few covers including 'The Sympathetic Slur'. At the time I even considered putting this track on VVV.

I don't recall much about the inspiration for this song, but I do remember playing it live whenever I had the opportunity to play a quiet room.

So I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves.

Have a listen to the new version here:


A 16 hour drive 
For 15 minutes live 
14 years of slow, eroding ties 
13 circus acts unload their gear and then purport to read my mind 
All lit up.

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Hear the original version of 'The Sympathetic Slur' here:


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