Decide To Stay and Swim - Song #6: A Makeshift Marvel

Part of an ongoing series where I revisit 2003's record, Decide To Stay And Swim

As we roll into 2019, this technically marks the the halfway point through this revisiting process I started last year, reworking songs from Decide to Stay and Swim. It's kind of fitting, because while the original CD was out in 2003, it wasn't actually launched until 2004. 

I didn't know how far I'd get with this little side project, but I must admit I've been pleasantly surprised by the reaction online to these new versions.

I always think of A Makeshift Marvel as a theme song for the proverbial fork in the road. In my head it's about those times in our lives when a big chapter closes and we're faced with stepping into a new one, all while battling feelings of self-doubt. That said, I don't remember the context of how or why I wrote this song, so whatever.

I do remember this song being a standout from the album for some folks who heard it back then.

So as this version finds its place in the word, maybe it will be a pleasant reminder of the original song for some of you:


The minute the moment takes over the road 

Isn't it weird then, to be so in control? 

I tried not to wake her, while digging through clothes 

I'm stalled in a moment she'll never know. 

The caption will read earth-shattering demise 

On a lonelier dirt road than we had in mind 

And its not the song, its that long distance girl in my head 

That I can't explain away. 

You may not have noticed, but I've headed out west. 

We'll communicate better with that off my chest.

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