Decide To Stay And Swim - Song #2: The Disaster Drop

Part of an ongoing series where I revisit 2003's record, Decide To Stay And Swim. Post #1 is over here.

The fake-false start of this song works well for me as it feels like the song is ready to burst out of the gate, especially after the laid-back vibe of the opening track, Mostly Stellar, Gunning Strong

The title of the song is in reference to a drunken game I was playing with a friend in a bar in Montreal where I was getting him to ash a cigarette on my hand, just to see how long I could tolerate my burning skin. I was in a bad frame of mind and while I didn't last long, the booze dulled the pain and it wasn't until the scarring of the next day that I realized how dumb the whole thing was. 

I like the cheap headphones line which was commentary on a point someone made to me that it didn't matter how well a song was recorded, a good song is a good song and folks will enjoy regardless. 

The Wurlitzer piano popping throughout this song is so Dave Draves for those of you who know him. That solo is awfully magical and really makes the song...I can just picture an animated Draves as he lovingly recorded this track. 

One final point on this I had forgotten about, at the end of the song, you can actually hear me sing 'Every 'ash' disaster drop is mine'. I guess I thought I was being myself.

Here's that original from 2003:

Here's my new 2018 version:

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Take my number and hold this lighter 

An exercise to toughen skin 

These cheap headphones are making you sound 

Better than I think you've ever been. 

Promise me you'll let your conscience shine here 

Full tilt and peak before your time. 

You'll need my cigarettes to count your blessings 

When every last disaster drop is mine.

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