Decide to Stay and Swim – Crossfader Review

It’s pretty rare (for me anyway) to have an in-depth review of an entire record. While you hear artists say all the time that they don’t listen to critics, I’ve always found it interesting to read what people have to say. And I suppose it goes without saying it’s somewhat easier to swallow when the critique is positive. Either way, it’s always appreciated when people take the time to listen and review in depth.

This review comes from the Winnipeg-based Crossfader online blog and is definitely of the glowing variety. I must admit after reading it, I needed to go back and listen to some of the songs to remember what they were all about.

Unfortunately this release didn’t come out on vinyl, but is still available on CD. You can also stream and download the record here.

I always interested to hear what people think about my songs so feel free to comment below.

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