Decide To Stay And Swim Again - Song # 11 - The Dead Weight Song

Well, it's been a fun and interesting journey!

Here's the final track for this project I started back in 2018, 'The Dead Weight Song'.

This one was a bit of a challenge for me because I couldn't imagine how I would improve on the haunting vibe of the original. (Although I only realize now as I'm typing this that I had forgotten about that acoustic intro as well!).

In the end, I managed to coax a bit more magic here, I think, to finally wrap this project and set my sights on a batch of new songs, which are all patiently awaiting my attention.

All in all I feel like I've done justice to that spark of an idea back in the winter of 2018...and somehow I stuck with it and saw it through.

The pre-order for the limited 180g vinyl is now underway, so please help out with this little "indie kick starter" I have going.

I expect I'll have the LPs in hand sometime in February.

Your advance support really helps.

All the details to purchase the record are here.

You can now hear the record in its entirety as well:

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