Decide to Stay And Swim AGAIN - Song #10 - Sleeves Cover Sores

Alright, so this project is in the home stretch!

Here's song number 10 from the Decide To Stay and Swim Again series.

And along with the release of Sleeves Cover Sores, I'm announcing an advanced pre-order of this project on 180g vinyl, limited to 100 copies only.

You can find out how to pre-order here, using one of the options I've provided to save fees.

But you can also choose to pre-order via the Bandcamp route here.

When you order, I'll send you a download code that includes The Dead Weight Song as well as two unreleased bonus tracks.

Shipping/delivery is planned for February.

Have a listen to Sleeves below.

And thanks as always for the support.

More to come!

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