Covering The Pogues

My beat up copy. The front cover of the 7″ “Sugarbuzz”

In 1993, just after The Stand GT signed to Seattle’s Top Drawer records, we released a 7″ EP called Sugarbuzz.

Recorded in Montreal, the record included a ripping version of The Pogue’sIf I Should Fall From Grace With God“.

I remember wanting to see how fast we could play that killer accordion riff on guitar. Once we figured that out, the tempo was set. Having just got into Rocket From The Crypt, we also decided to add a sax part, which has since always struck me as kinda comical.

And in case you ever wondered, that sardonic comment off the top, “Drummers”, was by our coach and mentor, the legendary Montreal-by-way-of-Australia producer, Rod Shearer.

The back cover


I really love this song.

It is such a great example of Shane’s exquisite, thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, married with an anthemic melody, all while keeping the street punk cred firmly intact. Simply brilliant.

Here is our version, fun and zerofucksgiven as it is. I hope Shane would be proud.



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And of course, the glorious original below.

Happy St. Patricks Day and long live Shane MacGowan and The Pogues.



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