Camp Radio Rock Ottawa Bluesfest

Taking the big stage on a hot, sweltering Saturday afternoon at Ottawa’s stellar Bluesfest was as much fun as we hope it looked….though I seriously felt like I sweat 10 lbs.

Here I’m praying that they turn down the heat – Photo by Andrew Carver

I had a guitar and guitar buddy on standby…the heat normally wreaks havoc with stringed instruments. Thanks to Bandeeto Colin for guitar tech-ing and keeping a watchful eye out for guitar heat stroke.

Luckily my old Junior hung in there and it ended up being a damn fine set with Dave and Scott.

Our backstage digs were super swank as always. For those who don’t know, Ottawa Bluesfest has an amazing track record of spoiling local/indie bands and truly treating them like gold. It’s rare in the biz, kids.

Despite the heat, thanks to all who hung around for the entire show! We look forward to bouncing around on Lebreton Flats again soon.

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