Camp Radio: Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion, Ontario tour and a new record!

.: Chris at Dekuf, OXE June 2012 by Andrew Carver :.

Hey that’s a swell summer so far.

From the killah local bash that is the Ottawa Explosion to being spoiled rotten with 3 amazing shows at Calgary’s Sled Island, Camp Radio has had a pretty good run spreading the Socialista.

We’ve played some amazing bills and shared the stage with killer bands such as our pals Fet.Nat,
Thalidomy Kids,
Dog Day,
Terry Malts,
Archers of Loaf,
Steve Adamyk,
Jon McKiel,
Miesha and the Spanks,
…well…to name a few.

.: Camp Radio at Dekuf, OXE June 2012 by Andrew Carver :.

Pop Montreal

Next on the agenda is a show in a town we rarely get to, despite being a stones throw down the highway: Montreal. I personally need to get my metro on and re-establish my roots:

Thursday Sept 20 @ O Patros Vys

Black Sheep Inn!

I’m playing a solo show with Marvin Etzioni (of Lone Justice!) and my pal Alice Kos. But much more on this later. In the meantime, save the date!

Thursday October 11 @ Black Sheep Inn
753 Riverside Dr.
Wakefield QC


After a sensational tour this Spring with pals Sheezer, we’re back to play the legendary Seahorse in Halifax for the HPX.

Tuesday October 16 @ HALIFAX POP EXPLOSION
The Seahorse Tavern
1665 Argyle St
Halifax NS

Sadly, we can’t stick around as that week we’ll scurry out of the Maritimes…


….to join old pals in Bender and The Groucho Marxists (Ex – Doc Hopper and Sinkhole) for an Ontario mini tour hitting Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Break out your old faded Pumas for this 90s power-pop inspired fest. It’s going to be a load of…well…something. Show details coming shortly…but keep the weekend of October 18th OPEN, k?

Really? A new Camp Radio record?

Yep. Pre-production has started. Set your watches/calendars/toasters.

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