Breaking out the new songs among friends at Kaffe 1870

Chris live at Kaffe 1870
From left: Colin, Sarah and Chris unveil the new tracks
Kaffe 1870, Wakefield, QC – Photo by Mel Sturk

My pals Colin and Sarah joined me at the Kaffe 1870 on Saturday, February 22nd to chug through a few of the numbers from my new upcoming LP, “Volume Vs. Voice”. Stepping up to the plate after you’ve been on deck for so long with new tracks in your back pocket feels surreal. Surreal, because I was finally putting these songs into a brand new context after having such a long, personal, intimate and cozy one-on-one relationship with them.

We unveiled six and it felt like they were more than ready to soar. We’ll see what mysterious roads I’m taken down with this latest collection of folk punk tales.

For posterity, and thanks to Chris Cook, here’s our first ever live attempt at ‘The Focal Point’.
To quote Les Savvy Fav, “Please go easy on me (us)”:

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