Announcing “Volume Vs. Voice” + Apt 613 Exclusive Sneak Peek

Admittedly I’ve always wanted to make an acoustic record.

And for a long time now I’ve toyed with that cliched artist dream of isolating myself in a secluded cabin surrounded by bottles, pens, guitars, paper, Christmas lights doing summer duty. I could feel the river beach sand in my old Vans. I could hear the welcoming cricket chorus. There would be no internet, TV or phone, though there would be a radio to keep some loose tabs on the outside world.

And there would be a recording device hooked up to a microphone or two.

As the vision goes, I slowly take a breath, a sip, then reach across the acoustic guitar cradled in my lap to hit record. From there, I let the fates, the muses, the local ghosts take over.

The result of living out that little fantasy over 5 days is my new LP “Volume Vs. Voice”. These numbers all came to life in the crisp mountain air, on a few summer evenings in a dimly lit cabin in rural Quebec, Canada.

The songs and the way they are recorded here are meant to be as cozy as that old coveted cheap guitar and as fragrant as the warming tubes of your parent’s old gramophone.

Companions for quietly contented, lonely evenings.

It was a soul satisfying thrill to get this out of my system.


Volume Vs. Voice arrives April 21st.


Our pals at Apartment 613 here in Ottawa have an exclusive first listen to the track “My Focal Point”.


The complete track listing:

1. Rocket + Savings
2. Calling All Kids Reunion
3. Hunker Down
4. Chaise Lounge
5. Treatment Burns
6. My Focal Point
7. SOS For Sonny Rey
8. The Persuasive Injury
9. Disappointed A Few People
10. Time To Dispel

Pre-order Volume Vs. Voice here.

This record is 100% independent, so thank you for your early support!


To celebrate the release, I’ll be playing these fine cities as well:

Wed. April 22nd – Vancouver – Skinny Fat Jacks with Meredith Bates & Chris Gestrin and Skye Brooks & Paul Rigby
Thurs. April 23rd – Calgary – Ironwood with Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida
Fri. April 24th – Saskatoon – Vangeli’s with The Whiskey Jerks and David Simard
Sat. April 25th – Edmonton – Brixx with Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida
Thurs. April 30th – Charlottetown – Baba’s with Josh Carter
Fri. May 1st – Moncton – Spin-It Records (7pm)
Sat. May 2nd – Halifax – The Carleton – Opening for The Carletones
Sat. May 9th – Ottawa Record Release – Raw Sugar with Sarah Wotherspoon, Colin Majid and Jon Pearce

More dates, more exclusive songs, videos and details coming soon!

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