Bandcamp Friday: Lukewarm baths and Hallowe'en dreaming

I'm kicking off the creepy season with a stripped down version of a song I wrote for Expanda Fuzz a few years back. 

It's a twisted tribute to The Lost Boys called ‘Psychopaths In Lukewarm Baths’, originally from the Efuzz LP ‘Bleuets’

I will be writing about these lyrics on my Substack in the coming days, so if you're interested, subscribe here:


And speaking of Efuzz…we're back!

Halloween is a favourite around the Las Vanier Haus of Fuzz, so before we picked out the pumpkins, we plugged in a few fuzz pedals and went to work on a new love letter to the season. 

It’s Always Hallowe'en Inside My Head' is a “a dreamy damnation of those lovesick vampires and ghosts inside our heads”. 

I know, right? 

Enjoy and happy Bandcamp Friday indie music hunting, everyone.