And introducing (again) Owl Mountain Radar

And even more releases for Bandcamp Friday. 

Let me tell you about Own Mountain Radar

It's like digging up a time capsule. 
Over 10 years ago I recorded an album with Jim and Jeff in a cottage on a mountain. 
The concept was simple. 
Each of us would write a few songs to bring along. 
We'd collaborate and record them. 
The catch was the songs had to be written on a tenor guitar. 
That set off a weird obsession (for all of us I think), about all things 
Like all obsessions, maybe that faded a bit, and the songs were archived for posterity. 
It took us a while, but we decided to let a few of them out. 
Here are the first three. 
With a sweet limited bubblegum 7" you can order and add to your collection.