Another new song for Bandcamp Friday: Running Down a Drain

Happy Bandcamp Friday my friends! 

Earlier this summer I was reminded of that songwriter's trick when I picked up an old instrument I don't normally play to see what might float out of the sleepy wood. 

Almost instantly, this thing emerged. 

It introduced itself as a song about a drain (and some other stuff I'm still trying to wrap my head around). 

Usually when a song is presenting itself, I don't like to question and I just roll with it, capturing what I can, before the moment's gone. 

I equate it to a 4 year old chasing butterflies through the backyard with a toy net. 

I've enjoyed getting 'Running Down a Drain' ready for this Bandcamp Friday and listening to the lyrics because frankly, it's still a bit of a mystery to me. 

And of course it wasn't long before I also wanted to see what would happen if I cranked the amps, so yeah, there's a Saturday Night version! 

(Hopefully there are some of you out there and not just me who are getting a kick out of these Saturday Night/Sunday Morning takes. Thank you for indulging me.) 

Reach out and let me know what stellar indie music you find today while you're out there supporting artists. 

Peace out and be good to each other,