New song: Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch

It's new music day, aka Bandcamp Friday.  

"Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch". 

For some reason this song started out its life called "Lemon 6". 

Useless information, perhaps. 

But there's this memory of a ritual that came back to me while writing this song.  

I had a tie on and we left the church and walked to a nearby hall where we picked up paper plates, loaded them with small triangular cut sandwiches and bread and butter pickles and made small talk to people we only saw at these things.  

It was a funeral brunch.  

I remember my cheeks felt hot as the small talk bounced from one old acquaintance to another.  

No one would retain a word.  

I played with my tie, counting the moments when I could release myself from its grip. 

That would be the first thing I did when I escaped it, the funeral brunch.  

They say music heals and I think they are right.  

Making it is very therapeutic as well.  

For me anyway.  

Hope you find something in this song to your liking.  

Thanks for buying it, for downloading it, for streaming it.  

Mostly thank you for listening to it. 



I hunkered down in that town 
To ride out lonely 
Intentions were good I understood 
You might floor me 
Though I stuck a photo of you on my wall 
I kinda lost the beauty of it all. 

The fragrance hung there, from your hair 
Like an oldie station 
Celebrating songs gone so long 
Out of frustration 
By the time I ditched those credit cards from you 
I wrote a springtime love song you might use 
To help you float away, cause I could see how things had changed 
Hey, I didn’t say that I’d forget you, but there’s a lot to get to. 

Though we didn’t sing 
There was this ring 
To keep us sober 
The girl in my dreams 
Said some things 
Then I adored her 
By the time you left the funeral brunch on cue 
I wrote a springtime love song you could use 
By the time I ditched those Christmas cards from you 
I wrote a springtime love song you might use 
Hey I heard you say diamonds are forever pain 
Hey, I didn’t say that I’d forget you, cause that’s a lot to get through.