New song, two versions: "Saturday night/Sunday morning" series continues

Another new song for another Bandcamp Friday, maybe the last? 

Bandcamp waives its fees for artists, so today (Friday Dec 3) is a great day to support your fave artists, by buying downloads and merch. More of that dough goes directly to them, but today only. 

In the meantime, I'm wondering if this 'Saturday Night/Sunday Morning' experiment I toyed with last month might become a thing. 

Who knows. 

Here's another shot at 'choose your own destiny' with two very different versions of the same song. 

The A Side is shoegaze-light indie noise-pop while the B side is a much more mellow acoustic experience, for gazing into campfires. 

To quote the Hot Snakes: "Nothing to work with, nothing to lose. Take it or leave it. Do both. Do both if you choose". 


And get out there and support your favourite artists with some Bandcamp bucks!

I know I will.