Owl Mountain Radar: Late Summer Mountain Song

It's funny to strum a song about late summer here in the dead of winter, but it will be here soon enough (especially for my friends in Australia). ;)

A few weeks ago we released a bit of a time capsule under the band name Owl Mountain Radar.  

Over 10 years ago I recorded an album with Jim and Jeff in a cottage on a mountain.  
The concept was simple.  
Each of us would write a few songs to bring along.  
We'd collaborate and record them.  
The catch was the songs had to be written on a tenor guitar.  
That set off a weird obsession (for all of us I think), about all things tenor...guitars.  
Like all obsessions, maybe that faded a bit, and the songs were archived for posterity.  
It took us a while, but we decided to let a few of them out.  

The first 3 are now available as part of a sweet limited bubblegum 7" you can order here and add to your collection

"Late Summer Mountain Song" is on side B and is my contribution. 


The clouds showed up

And watered down my energy

That struck a chord with me.

She paused to breathe

And ran her fingers down my jeans

Along every single seam.

Late summer skies

Twist my heart up right.

The forecast writes

A note for everything she needs

Those long apologies.

When the clouds broke up 

The sunset showed her where to be

It should've been with me.

Late summer skies

Twist my heart up right

I'll remember when you fold 

And twilight turns to gold.


You can also check out the video for 'Blood for Breakfast' here: