My Turn at the Wheel: Two versions of a new song for Bandcamp Friday

My Saturday night/Sunday morning series returns with two versions of a brand new song, My Turn at the Wheel

Written sometime in 2021, the Sunday morning version started as an acoustic demo during the winter of that year. 

With Bandcamp Friday on the horizon here in August of 2022, I fired it up, finished it off and tracked the Saturday night version over a couple of days in August.

So there's a healthy brew of winter/summer solsticeness in these as well.

Hit me up as I'd be curious to hear which one you prefer.


Also, for all you Expanda Fuzz followers, we're releasing a Ramones cover on September 9th. 

That's right...Efuzz doing a Ramones song! A match made in heaven, right? 

Since we're huge Ramones fans (who isn't??) we enjoyed digging deep to take on a track we love. 

It's part of a Ramones covers project releasing that day, so more info coming here on the 9th.