Live stream - Please donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada for Beaus 5K

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, commented and donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada as part of Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. annual 5K run! 

If you missed the live sets from Jim and I, you can watch below. And please consider donating! 

You can still donate online, and even register for the virtual run, here: 

More details about the run and fundraiser here: 

My set list from the embedded video above (the links below go to the recorded versions on Bandcamp).


Disaster Drop 
Dreamed We Were Astronauts (Camp Radio) 
When All The Bugs Are Contained (The Stand GT) 
Feel Like Caving In 
Guilt Trip Fashion 
Patio To Stereo 
Whisper Astrologics 
Chaise Lounge 
The Dead Weight Song 
Keep Me On Your Radar 
My Focal Point