Isolation sessions: Brighter Days

I love covering this song. I've played it live for many years now. I wanted to share it here because I think the lyrics are incredibly pertinent at the moment.

There's a line that says "All the birds will sing their songs inside my cell". If you listen carefully at the beginning and ending of the video, you can hear a robin outside the window singing along, which I thought was pretty sweet. 

Brighter Days is written by a now defunct band called Parts & Labor, who were absolutely brilliant.

I love their album Mapmaker which is the LP this song came from.

Have a listen to the original here:

Check out Parts & Labor live:

Here's me playing Brighter Days in 2011 in Halifax:

Stay safe friends. Reach out to each other. Support your local businesses and food banks if you can.

Brighter days ahead.

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