Donations to the Ottawa Food Bank please (and we’ll play you some awesome songs)

Alright! It’s festive Camp Radio time! Nah, you won’t hear any Silver Bells at this one, but I’m thinking you all need a break from that monotonous musak anyway. Our pals Winchester Warm are along for the ride, so this one will be a great mix of Saturday night music!

.: Camp Radio and Winchester Warm Festiving :.

I realize you can do all ages shows there, but sadly, this time around, we didn’t nail down the proper license…Yes, this place is serious DIY (Sorry folks under 19, but we promise to rectify soon…rain cheque??)

No advance tickets for this one either…. It’s an early show…doors at 8, music at 9. We’ll be out of there by 11ish. Cold pints, wine, etc will be served.

Most importantly, please bring a non perishable food item for the Ottawa Food Bank.

It’s also a bit of an ice breaker for some of us as the last time I played Saw I don’t think the internet existed.